Packed Classes. Less Stress. Waaaay More Fun! 


Hot Take: The fitness industry DID NOT set you up for success.

The good news: After traveling up and down the success ladder in this industry, there’s a cheat code for packing your classes, getting the 5-star reviews to pour in, and (finally!) make an actual career out of teaching fitness.



No one warned you about how hard being a fitness pro would be.


  • The effort you’re putting in isn’t putting people in your class. 

  • Classes are empty and so is your bank account.

  • The thought of “getting a real job” is right around the corner.

  • You love teaching but don't understand why people aren't loving what you teach. 

Here's the problem

Most fitness pros don’t have a coach to help them do this (even MJ had a coach), and your certification and training taught you everything EXCEPT how to get people to crave your classes!

It’s time to ditch the 5am to 9pm hustle and tap into the fitness coaching career you deserve.


Every fit pro ought to know how to pack their classes, show up with the right energy for every class, & make a true career out of teaching fitness.

That's where I step in: As your coach and fountain of fitness knowledge. With me, you get strategies and tactics you can actually use (plus, your loudest cheerleader…my bullhorn is ready!)



"I gained more new clients in 1 month working with Dane than in the last 2 years of trying to do this on my own."

"When I started the Sold-Out Class Strategy, I have been able to run my business in a direction with a long-term future.

I gained more new clients in 1 month working with Dane than in the last 2 years of trying to do this on my own, and I’ve given them a much better all-around experience with me.

He believed in me and pushed me and I'm so thankful for Dane and the Sold-Out Class Strategy" 

-Dakota Hughes, owner of Dakota Hughes Fitness



Feature, Trusted, & Backed by: 

A Customized Gameplan Made

For Any Instructor or Owner


The Group Instructor

Many group instructors deal with low class attendance, boredom, and burnout minimizing their passion and impact in their classes. However, few understand the exact key to sweaty smiles, rave reviews, and sold out classes is in the psychology, science, and system you bring to the workout! This 2.5 hour instructor workshop emphasizes capitalizing on your unique coach persona, understanding the biochemical journey of a member in class, and how to create a replicable class experience without wasting energy. Based on research used to create Hollywood blockbusters and Dane Robinson’s experience coaching fitness on-camera, this is your Sold-Out Class Strategy!

The Studio Owner + Manager

The Sold-Out Class Strategy focuses owners on the 6ix Steps for Sales Success that give your coaches the ultimate confidence at POS to help close more prospects without you being there every class.

We also focus on my Retention Roadmap that will not only keep your members at your studio but also continue to attract new ones during the calendar year!




Learn how to get out IN your comfort zone


CLARITY. I show you how to double down on who YOU are to make your classes stand out.


SIMPLICITY. Stop wasting energy trying to outdo yourself every class.


CONFIDENCE. You don't coach for free. Group fitness is your business so we treat it that way.


EXCITEMENT. Unlock how to make your classes binge-worthy like the next great Netflix series.


Go from Confused Trainer to CONFIDENT Fit Pro with the Sold-Out Class Strategy



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Time to take your classes from empty to ENERGETIC.

After laying your unique foundation, attend my monthly "Sold-Out Class Strategy" workshop to learn my playbook and start applying the same method I use on-camera and live in my classes.


Pack Out Your Classes

Start making your classes THE place to be.

Get 5-star reviews and start increasing your income by creating an amazing group fitness experience.




Sold-Out Class Strategy Top Graduates



What your cert probably taught you:


➡️  How to explain the class you're teaching

➡️  What equipment to use

➡️  How to coach the exercises

➡️  How to get a 1st timer going

➡️  What announcements to make after class

...yada yada yada

How Dane fills the gap:


✅  Figuring out who you are on the mic

✅  How to make your classes "binge-worthy"

✅  How to retain your people in class

✅  The easiest way to market yourself

✅  How to actually enjoy this career


And a whole lot more!

I've been there, done that... all of that.


Years ago, I struggled to make a living teaching fitness classes. I felt disappointed and angry with the industry. However, I cracked the code and developed a repeatable system based on storytelling and what I was doing on camera at Daily Burn and QVC. And over a couple of months...

Busy became efficient.

Effort became effortless.

Empty became ENERGY.

You get the point and now it’s time for you to actually start enjoying being a group fitness instructor NOW.


"Any new fit pro that is uncertain about the direction of their career or what path is best for them would benefit from Dane’s tutelage."

"Working with Dane I have witnessed first hand his drive, dedication and passion not just for the industry but for life as a whole. 

His enthusiastic result-oriented approach along with his ability to adapt easily to unforeseen challenges offered continuous inspiration for his peers.

Any new fit pro that is uncertain about the direction of their career or has questions about what path is best for them would benefit from Dane’s tutelage. 

His diverse and robust fitness experience gives Dane the opportunity to see our industry through a broad lens while offering laser sharp viewpoints and solutions."

Christopher Salisbury-Area Director, Catalyst Fitness Buffalo

Sold Out Class Strategy Sneak Peak

See inside of how I take group instructors classes from VACANT to VIBRANT?


We make no financial guarantees because every fit pro career is different.  However we do guarantee that you'll get 'what's working now' best practices that tell you exactly what to do every step of the way without having to enroll in any more 'guru' courses, attend seminars or pay for expensive masterminds.

If you want to see any results in building your brand and business, then you must be willing to work hard. No one, including our trainings and advice, are going to do it for you. As United States law requires, we can not and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our teachings, strategies, templates, softwares, worksheets, services or any other advice or materials. Our job is to give you great content, coaching and services. Any financial results or projections discussed by our company are not a guarantee that you will see similar results. They should not be considered exact, actual or as a promise of potential earnings. All numbers should be consider as teaching examples in order to inspire you as to possibilities when building your brand.